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I’m Redie – the owner and artist behind Le Vella Arts.  By day, I work full-time as a Digital Marketing Specialist, but during my downtime, I’m an international traveler, artist, and owner of two businesses.

Le Vella” Arts is a translation of the “The Beautiful” Arts using a play on French and Spanish words. I chose the name because it embodies my sentiments on the arts. Whether it’s writing, painting, dancing, singing, acting... anything that brings out the creative bones you’re built with is considered beautiful. I want my admiration and love for everything artsy to guide my site by connecting and showcasing other creatives and sharing my artwork. 


Are you interested in having an exclusive piece of your own?

Le Vella Arts is now accepting commissions for art lovers, homeowners, interior design enthusiasts, and anyone else looking to get their hands on specially curated pieces!

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